Diaphragm coupling with all-steel design

The diaphragm packs, which are made of rust-free stainless steel, allow for a high misalignment compensation capacity with low restoring forces and have been optimised using the finite element method (FEM). The comprehensive modular system allows a large number of potential variations - also for high-temperature ranges.


  • High misalignment compensation capacity
  • High-strength, flexible stainless steel diaphragm packs
  • Optimised via FEM – tapered diaphragm shape
  • Can be used at high temperatures

Structure and function

The ArcOflex is a diaphragm coupling that is available in various designs:

  • The single-cardan version compensates for axial and angular misalignments
  • The double-cardan version additionally compensates for radial misalignments

The diaphragm pack made of rust-free stainless steel is provided as a complete module The connection at the port is performed using fit screws.


  • Backlash-free and torsionally rigid diaphragm coupling
  • Single- and double-cardan design
  • Wear-free and maintenance-free
  • Temperature range: -35° to +150°C

Application area / utilisation

  • Packaging machines
  • Printing machines
  • Pump drives
  • Test bench construction

Further information

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