Locking bush for fast installation and high radial forces

ETP-POWER® is a hydraulic locking bush with extremely high performance data with regard to transmissible torque, axial force, and radial force. It combines all the positive features of hydraulic clamping, such as ease of mounting, compact mounting dimensions and great precision, with ETP-POWER®'s typical high radial force transmission. All this can be realised thanks to the special properties of the pressure medium.


  • For high radial forces
  • Rapid assembly/disassembly with just ONE radial screw
  • Radial pressure screw allows for space-saving arrangement
  • Compact mounting dimensions
  • Can be installed/removed up to 500 times
  • Precise positioning, no axial displacement during mounting
  • Good concentricity (≤ 0.03 mm), even after being installed multiple times
  • Standard versions for torque range from 60 to 1,600 Nm
  • Standard versions for shaft diameters from 15 mm to 40 mm


The hydraulic locking bush consists of a double wall, hardened steel sleeve filled with a specially developed pressure medium and a flange element. In the flange are the screw and piston for pressure build-up. In the flange are two pre-drilled bore holes for mounting against the hub.


When the pressure screw is tightened, the sleeve expands evenly against the shaft and the hub and creates a fixed, friction fit connection. After loosening the pressure screw, the sleeve returns to its original state and is easy to remove.


  • Tensioning of belt pulleys
  • Fastening/clamping of levers
  • Fastening/clamping of rollers
  • etc.

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