Locking bush for exact axial positioning and frequent clamping

The ETP-OCTOPUS® is used wherever settings of machine parts must be changed frequently, rapidly and with the highest precision. Using hydraulic pressure, one or more locking bushes can be clamped or released simultaneously. The locking element is used e.g. in machine tools or in machines for forming technology and for piston clamping. The ETP-OCTOPUS® is easy to install, as it only clamps inwards and does not require a hub. It allows rapid, frequent and precise positioning.


  • Easy installation and compact mounting dimensions
  • Rapid and precise positioning
  • Up to 500,000 installations possible
  • High torsional stiffness
  • Axial forces and torques can be transmitted


The ETP-OCTOPUS® establishes a hydraulic connection consisting of a double-wall, hardened steel sleeve with a flange. The flange contains bore holes for fastening the hub and wiper, the connection thread for the hydraulics and the bleed thread. The inner diameter has helical slots to maintain uniform friction and guarantee the clamping force.


Fastening is carried out with screws. Due to the hydraulic pressure build-up, the inner sleeve presses evenly against the shaft – but not against the hub – thus creating a firm connection. No expansion against the hub occurs. After depressurisation, the sleeve returns to its initial state and the shaft can be repositioned and clamped.

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