Actuators with built-in limit switches

Medium size types CLA & CLB to 25,000 N

The type CLA & CLB actuators offer the convenience of built in rotary limit switches fitted under an IP65 cover.  The switches are used for end of stroke signals and can be easily adjusted.  There are options to add a third switch for intermediate positions or a 5 k0hm rotary potentiometer to give an analogue signal for positioning.

As standard the switches rated at 250 VAC 21 A and 30 VDC 14 A are used to externally switch off the motor.  Optionally actuators with DC motors can be supplied with the limit switches directly wired to the motor.

Available motors are DC (24 V standard, 12 & 36 V optional) or AC (1-phase or 3-phase).  Type CLA has an ACME thread and maximum duty cycle of 15% (DC motor) or 30% (AC motor).  Type CLB used a ball screw for higher efficiency and duty cycles up to 100%.  Here motors are usually fitted with brakes.

ModelRatiocodeDC linear actuatorAC linear actuatorMax stroke
speed mm/smax force Nmotorspeed mm/smax force Nmotor
CLA20RN1161,10024V 5A111,50060 W300
CLA20RL161,90024V 5A5.52,00060 W300
CLA20RN24860024V 5A301,00060 W300
RL2241,00024V 5A151,10060 W300
CLA25RXL144,00024V 5A25,00090 W3001
CLA25RH1501,20024V 9A471,250120 W3001
CLA25RL2163,60024V 9A7.54,80090 W3001
CLA25RH210080024V 9A93790120 W3001
CLA28RN20.810,00024V 4A1.29,60060 W800
CLA28RV259,50024V 9A2.45,50060 W800
CLA28RH286,30024V 9A3.63,60060 W800
CLA30RXL12.71,000180 W800
RV1465,400550 W800
CLA40RXL12.112,000370 W8002
RV1465,400550 W8002
CLA50RXL12.525,000370 W8002
RV1569,3001,100 W8002
  • 1 Also available are models CLA25S and CLA25M with similar performance but strokes up to 800 mm.
  • 2 Longer strokes to 1,500 mm possible by special modification.
  • Table values represent the maximum and minimum forces and speeds.
  • CLB models with ball screw suit duties up to 100%.
  • CLB25 with AC motor - Linear speeds 2.5 to 58 mm/s, forces 1,120-5,000 N, strokes to 400 mm.
  • CLB27 with DC motor - Linear speeds 5 to 125 mm/s, forces 410 to 5,000 N, strokes to 400 mm.
  • CLB30 with AC motor - 3.5 to 60 mm/s, 3,300 to 9000 N
  • CLB40 with AC motor - 2.5 to 56 mm/s, 5,400 to 12,000 N
  • CLB50 with AC motor - 4.2 to 47 mm/s, 11,800 to 25,000 N