PowerGrip toothed beltTM GT4TM

Make your machine even more powerful with this toothed belt.

The most powerful toothed belt on the market

The best from materials science and process engineering

The synchronous PowerGrip beltTM GT4TM has the highest performance in its class The combination of a significantly expanded temperature range and improved chemical resistance results in outstanding performance.

The benefits at a glance

  • Up to +25% greater power transmission compared to the GT3 belt.
  • High degree of power transmission allows for a more compact belt drive
  • A more compact belt drive means a lower weight and less mass inertia
  • A lower weight and less mass inertia means easier mounting and more efficient operation
  • The temperature range was extended to -40°C to +120°C (briefly up to +140°C).
  • The special EPDM compound exhibits a very high chemical resistance

Toothed belt structure

The combination of the robust fibreglass cords and the special EPDM compound result in a high-performance belt for a wide variety of applications.

The extremely high degree of power transmission allows a very compact belt drive to be realised. This reduces moments of inertia and the total weight of the belt drive. This facilitates the initial installation, reduces the energy consumption of the machine, and increases the overall system efficiency. Not only you as a mechanical engineer, but also your customers benefit from this during the operation of the machine or system.

More information about the PowerGrip toothed beltTM GT4TM can be found in our catalogue from page 33


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You ask yourself: "Is the belt suited for my application?"

Were you previously using a GT3 belt? If so, the answer is definitely a YES. Gates set up series of experiments and performed tests and analyses. The result: Gates confirmed the suitability of the GT4 as a replacement for the GT3. Naturally, we will also provide you with the matching belt pulley and a belt tension measuring device to correctly tension the belt.

If you have a different belt installed in your machine, you are now just one step away from an optimisation..

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