ETP locking bushes – The best that shaft-hub joints have to offer

Shaft-hub joint in less than a minute

Friction-fit shaft-hub joints in no time at all.

  • Fit locking bush over motor shaft
  • Fit hub onto locking bush
  • Tighten radial screw

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When should you use a 1-screw locking bush?

When you can answer one or more of the following questions with Yes, a locking bush may be the perfect choice for your application:

  • Quick and easy mounting/disassembly?
  • Is a radial mounting necessary (difficulty of access with axial)?
  • Frequent mounting/disassembly of the shaft-hub joint?
  • Tight installation situation?
  • High radial runout quality?

We have compiled the advantages of locking bushes in an easy-to-understand overview.

The advantages

Which locking bush is the most suitable?

Which locking bush is best suited depends entirely on your application and the associated requirements.

  • For frequent mounting/disassembly, the ETP-TECHNO® is an ideal choice.
  • For very small installation spaces, the ETP-EXPRESS® is optimal.
  • For high radial forces, the ETP-POWER® is recommended.

We have compiled an overview to make it easier for you to make your selection. This table cannot replace a personal consultation, but it does provide some guidance on which 1-screw socket could be best suited to your application

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Quickly and easily find the right locking assembly.

With our locking assembly online tool, you can quickly and easily find the right locking assembly for your friction-fit shaft-hub joint.

Regardless of whether it is a mechanical clamping set, locking bush, or hydromechanical locking assembly. Our online tool will help you find the right products, incl. CAD data.

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