Types TMA & ILA


The TMA series of ACME screw actuators are designed for solar tracking with photovoltaic arrays. However, they also suit other heavy-duty and outdoor applications.

TMA solar tracking actuators are particularly designed for long life in outdoor environments. They accept a range of standard motors and have options for encoder feedback. An additional gearbox can be selected for lowest speeds. The Trunnion mounting option suits solar tracking layouts and a further option links a pair of actuators with a single electric motor.

  • Forces 2 to 200 kN push or pull
  • Strokes up to 1,500 mm
  • Speeds are generally low, 0.1 to 40 mm/s
  • Trunnion mounting, interconnection possible
  • Protection for outdoor use, optional bellows


The ILA series of actuators give design flexibility for heavy-duty actuators. These actuators are supplied without motors or gearboxes. They consist of either an ACME thread or ball screw in a housing with bearings. Input connections can be by belt of pulley, motorised bevel or helical gear units or direct connection of motors.

  • Forces 15 to 200 kN push or pull
  • Strokes up to 1,500 mm
  • High efficiency and duty cycle possible with ball screw versions
  • Trunnion mounting, brackets available