Industrial cardan shafts from 200 to 550,000 Nm

All details of our cardan shaft series are tailored to the needs of the individual application areas and industrial sectors.

The design of our cardan shafts is optimally tailored to every application scenario and every environment. At the same time, the cardan shaft is a dimensionally accurate and functionally compliant link in the overall machine engineering concept. The service life and service-friendliness correspond to the economically necessary efficiency of today's industrial culture. The low noise level and the use of lead-free grease guarantee environmentally friendly applications.

Our products and services:

  • Cardan shafts for systems engineering and mechanical engineering
  • Cardan shafts for commercial vehicles
  • Technical calculations and design of cardan shaft drives
  • Tailor-made system solutions
  • Special manufacturing

Application area / utilisation

  • Wood working machines
  • Steel and roller mill
  • Paper industry and printing machines
  • Stage machinery
  • Materials handling technology
  • Vehicle construction