Signaling & Displays

Signal towers, beacons, light bars, position indicators

Lenze Selection modules for signaling & display includes units for machine status, warnings and safety/emergency indications.

Signal towers from 25 to 100 mm diameter have from 1 to 5 colored lights that can be continuous or flashing plus optional audible alarms.

Signal lights are non-rotating single colour lights that can be flashing or continuous.

Beacons are single colour lights that rotate with diameters from 82 to 162 mm. Audible alarms and voice annunciators have options for sound warning and recorded messages up to 105 dB.

Light bars use LED technology for machine lighting that is low voltage, energy efficiency and comfortable for operators.

Digital position indicators are simple mechanical devices and clock type handwheel indicators are also available. Cable position transducers suit linear motion up to 12 m. Incremental and absolute encoders suit rotary motion. Non-contacting linear encoders give high precision up to 25m.