Easy, robust and extremely flexible

The Simplaflex is a maintenance-free all-steel coupling. The spring package makes it extremely flexible for optimum compensation of shaft misalignments. Thanks to their compact and rotationally symmetric structure, Simplaflex couplings can also be used in applications operating at high rotational speeds.


  • For use with temperatures from -40 °C to +100 °C, up to +300 °C in stainless steel /brazed version
  • Rated torque up to 900 Nm
  • Large number of different variants; also available as a rust-free model

Structure and function

The Simplaflex consists of a triple-layered spring element with square cross-sections. Misalignments are very effectively absorbed and compensated for by the springs. The springs are connected to the body of the shaft by hubs and flanges.


  • Shaft diameters from 3 mm to 75 mm
  • Independent of the direction of rotation
  • Full-metal design
  • Compensates for misalignments axially - radially - angularly
  • Highly flexible

Application area / utilisation

  • General mechanical engineering
  • Medical technology
  • Food industry
  • Door locking technology
  • etc.