Diaphragm coupling in steel or aluminium design

The diaphragm packs, which are made of rust-free stainless steel, allow for a high misalignment compensation capacity with low restoring forces and have been optimised using the finite element method (FEM).

The comprehensive modular system allows a large number of potential variations - also for high-temperature ranges.


  • High misalignment compensation capacity
  • High-strength, flexible stainless-steel diaphragm packs
  • Optimised via FEM - tapered diaphragm shape
  • Single- and double-cardan design
  • Can be used at high temperatures

Structure and function

The coupling connects the drive and output shaft in the same way as a cardan joint, but with a maximum angle that is to be observed. The flange hubs inserted over the two shaft ends are held in place on the shafts via threaded pins. The flange hubs are screwed to the diaphragm packs via high-strength screws. This connection is force-fit and hence wear-free.


  • Compensates for axial, radial and angular misalignments
  • Suitable for clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation and alternating load operation; allows high torques to be transmitted
  • Low damping of torque peaks, direct torque transmission

Application area / utilisation

  • Packaging machines
  • Printing machines
  • Pump drives for hot media
  • Test bench construction