3-phase AC current geared motors, PANASONIC 3 series

The PANASONIC 3 series geared motors with 3-phase connection exhibit a high starting torque in the power range from 25 to 90 W. Die 400 V variants are suitable for constant speeds/rpm values, while 230 V variants are suitable for variable speeds/rpm values in combination with a frequency inverter.

Features of 3-phase geared motors

  • Supply 230 V + 10%, 50 Hz, S1 continuous operation
  • IP54 class of protection, CE/UL/cUL/CCC and RoHS compliant
  • Standard versions available with 23 different gear transmission ratios


Two different types of gearboxes are available. The square design is the standard for 25 and 40 W motors and optional for 60 and 90 W. Depending on the installation situation, gearboxes with a rectangular flange are available for 60 and 90 W motors. The gearboxes with a square mounting flange can be combined with fixing brackets for mounting onto flat surfaces. For permissible radial and axial loads, please refer to our catalogue. The efficiency of the gearboxes depends on the gear transmission ratio and is typically between 70 and 81% for an output speed exceeding 6 rpm.

Variable speeds / rpm values can be realised with a frequency inverter, e.g. Lenze i510. Please select motors for 230 V.

Performance data of 3-phase geared motors

Motor power (W)Max. Output torque (Nm)Output speed available [rpm]
2580.7 – 440
40100.7 – 447
60300.7 – 447
90200.7 – 440

For dimensions and further technical details, please refer to the product catalogue or contact us.