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Geared motors of the highest quality and with international certificates

General information

In electrical drive technology, a geared motor is a combination of a gearbox and an electric motor. The gearbox is a torque/speed converter. Depending on whether the output speed of the gearbox is higher or lower than the motor speed (input speed), one speaks of a ratio or reduction.

PANASONIC is one of the largest motor manufacturers in the world. The product ranges are characterised by high quality, reliability, and durability.

Features of the 3 series geared motors

The 3 series is available as a standard geared motor or a geared brake motor for a single-phase or three-phase supply. The motor power of the three-phase AC motors is between 6 and 90 W. Gearbox ratios or reductions of i=3 to i=2,000 (with additional intermediate gearbox)


All geared motors have CE / UL/ cUL / CCC certification.


We would be glad to assist you with the dimensioning and selection of your geared motor.