Compact & highly dynamic, 50 W to 5.0 KW

The new Panasonic A5 MINAS family of drives is highly responsive, smooth running and easy to program. There are three models - the A5 analogue for general duties, the A5 EtherCAT for easy connection of multi-axis systems with high performance and the A5E for step/direction pulse inputs. All have an ultra-high response frequency of 2 kHz and an input/output pulse frequency of 4 MHz leading to fast response and high accuracy. Output is stable and smooth thanks to real-time auto-tuning and automatic notch filters.

Free PANATERM programming software is upgraded with new features such as test function, data logging and easy visualisation of performance.


High performance general duty servos with matched low-inertia servo motors. The drives suit analog input signals.


  • 1.04 million pulse encoder is standard
  • Ultra-high response frequency of 2 kHz
  • Input & output pulse frequency 4 MHz
  • Smooth output from auto-tuning & notch filters
  • Safe Torque Off to PL-d


A5 drives with addition of EtherCAT input and output ports suiting easy connection of high-performance multi-axis systems.


  • All the features of the A5 Analogue plus EtherCAT
  • Easy to combine with Lenze & Trio motion controllers
  • Creates low cost systems that are easy to install
  • Safe torque off to PL-d


Suitable for pulse following or internal speed control for simple applications where steppers cannot achieve the required performance.


  • 8 internal jog speeds
  • Pulse train input
  • 20 bit encoder
  • ideal for gear locking applications

Supply voltage is 200 - 240 V +10% -15% 1-phase up to 1500 W.

Then 380-480 V +10% -15% 3-phase.

Higher powers to 15 kW on request.

Drives are RoHs compliant and meet CE, UL ad TUV standards.

Matching pre-configured cables are available for power and encoder feedback connections to the motor, I/O, RS485 network and RS232 connection to PC.