• Non-self-centring
  • Axial movement of the hub during mounting
  • For low to medium torques
  • Standard versions for torque range from 38 Nm to 1,240 Nm
  • Standard versions for shaft diameters from 14 mm to 70 mm
  • Quick mounting
  • Small radial mounting dimensions


Clean and lightly oil the contact surfaces of the shaft and hub. Insert clamping set into the seat of the hub and slide onto the shaft. Tighten slotted nut to the specified torque MS and fix in place with locking plate. The specified values for MT and FA in the table have been calculated for mounting with oil.

Caution: Do not use oil containing molybdenum disulphide or extreme-pressure additives and do not use grease. The coefficient of friction would otherwise be considerably reduced.


Undo slotted nut. The cone angle of the TLK 250 is around 17 °. Hence, the clamping set usually comes off automatically.

Tolerances, roughness depth

A good turning procedure is sufficient.

Maximum permissible tolerances:

  • h8 for the shaft
  • H8 for the hub
  • Maximum permissible roughness depth: Rt max. 16 µm (Ra 3 µm - Rz 13 µm)