Locking elements for friction-fit torque transmission in customised models

Our solution expertise really comes into play when standard locking elements reach their limits, additional functions are required or technical refinements need to be implemented. We work together to develop and design the optimum custom solution for hydraulic and hydromechanical shaft-hub joints for you.

Most products are available directly from stock according to the standard catalogue. A growing trend in mechanical and plant engineering calls for customer-specific solutions. These are calculated and optimised via FEM analyses. Before being shipped out, the developments are put through their paces.

Our inspection and test options for hydraulic and hydromechanical shaft-hub joints at a glance:

  • Load cycles - sinusoidal cycles and/or cycles according to customer specifications
  • Determination of static slip torque of bush up to 30,000 Nm
  • Pulsating / changing torque – customised loads / cycles possible
  • Radial loads of up to 30 kN at 750 rpm 
  • Number of installation/disassembly procedures - up to 100 Nm tightening torque
  • Monitoring of the internal pressure
  • Pressure cycles - up to 150 Mpa/ 1Hz - customised load cycles possible
  • Temperature curves from -40° to + 180°C - customised temperature curves possible
  • Determination of transmissible torque depending on the temperature
  • Metal analyses, performance of hardness analyses
  • Testing of weld seams, material, and fracture points
  • 3D printing