Small industrial actuators type ATL to 11,000 N

These industrial duty linear actuators suit low to medium loads with strokes up to 800 mm. Rated linear speeds range from 2 up to 150 mm/s. Motors are either DC 24 V (12 and 36 V also available) or AC, either 1- or 3-phase. Normally stroke lengths are supplied in standard increments of 100 mm starting at 100 mm.

The ATL models with ACME threads are robust and are designed for duties up to 30% over a 10-minute period. Stroke limit switches can be specified, and these are fitted external to the outer tube. These models are generally not capable of being backdriven.

The BSA models with ball screws have higher efficiencies and can be run up to 100% duty. Dimensionally they are similar to the ATL models. Backdriving by the load is possible and brake motors are usually fitted.

ModelRatio codeDC linear actuatorAC linear actuatorMax stroke
speed mm/smax force Nmotorspeed mm/smax force Nmotor
ATL02RL181,90024 V 5A5.52,00060 W300
ATL02RN1161,10024 V 5A111,50060 W300
ATL02RL2241,00024 V 5A151,10060 W300
ATL02RN24860024 V 5A301,00060 W300
ATL05RL162,00024 V 4A---300
ATL05RN1162,50024 V 4A---300
ATL05RL2162,50024 V 4A---300
ATL05RN2321,90024 V 5A---300
ATL08RXL144,00024 V 5A2500090 W500
ATL08RH1501,20024 V 9A231,75090 W500
ATL08RL2163,60024 V 9A7.54,80090 W500
ATL08RH210080024 V 9A471,07090 W500
ATL08RL3252,80024 V 9A113,68090 W500
ATL08RH315070024 V 9A7080090 W500
ATL10RXL144,00024 V 4A25,00090 W500
ATL10RH15068024 V 4A231,75090 W500
ATL10RL2162,00024 V 4A7.54,80090 W500
ATL10RH210043024 V 4A471,07090 W500
ATL10RL3241,40024V 4A113,68090 W500
ATL10RH315031024V 4A7080090 W500
ATL12RL1---2.511,000180 W800
ATL12RV1---233,130180 W800
ATL12RL2---5.57,660180 W800
ATL12RV2---471,590180 W800
ATL12RL1---5.511,000250 W800
ATL12RV1---472,450250 W800
ATL12RL2---117,660250 W800
ATL12RV2---931,590250 W800

Additional models with intermediate ratings are available.

BSA08Up to 5,000 N and 64 mm/s, DC motors only and no brake option
Up to 500 mm stroke, 50% duty
BSA10Up to 5000 N and 63 mm/s, AC and DC motors with brake
Up to 500 mm stroke, 100% duty
BSA11Up to 5000 N and 125 mm/s, AC and DC motors with brake
Up to 500 mm stroke, 100% duty
BSA12Up to 900 N and 58 mm/s, AC and DC motors with brake
Up to 800 mm stroke, 100% duty