Tooth clutches and toothed holding brakes

Uncompromising safety and reliability

Electromagnetically actuated tooth clutches and toothed holding brakes transmit the torque in a slip-free manner. The torque that can be transmitted and switching characteristics depend on the design of the toothing. The design of the toothing can also be designed with one or more engagement positions for synchronisation processes.

Electromagnetic tooth clutches can be utilised as switchable overload clutches. If the axial component from the torque is greater than the magnetic force in the event of an overload, the armature slips out of the toothing. A switching disc attached to the armature plate actuates a contactless switch and shuts down the clutch without any residual torque.


  • Slip-free, form-fit torque transmission
  • Can also be used in extreme temperatures
  • Rapid switching times
  • Tooth clutch M1