Fail-safe brake, spring-applied brake IP66 with manual release

A new manual release has been designed specifically for this electromagnetically released brake which in particular meets the strict requirements of the degree of protection (IP66). Thanks to its modular design, the brake can be used flexibly with one rotor or also as a double-rotor unit. The double-rotor version generates double the braking torque compared to spring-applied brakes with one rotor. Thanks to its high class of protection, excellent corrosion protection and redundancy, this spring-applied brake is ideally suited for cranes, port facilities, ship winches, hoists and conveying belts.

Functional description

This brake is an electrically releasable spring-applied brake with a rotary brake disk that is outfitted with friction linings on both sides, the rotor. In a deenergised state, it is tensioned between the armature plate and a counter friction face by a braking normal force applied by compression springs. Hence, its function corresponds to the fail-safe principle. The braking force applied to the rotor is transmitted to the drive shaft via an axially toothed hub.

Application area / utilisation

The spring-applied brake can be used as a holding brake, a service brake, and for emergency stops from high speeds.

The BFK471 spring-applied brake has a high-performance braking system and was developed for the following applications.

  • Cranes
  • Port facilities
  • Ship hoists
  • Hoists
  • Belt conveyors

Product features

  • Braking system with a high performance and a sealed manual release, protection class IP66
  • Modular design, 750 Nm with one rotor, 1,500 Nm in double rotor design
  • Interchangeable with existing brake solutions
  • High corrosion protection thanks to nitrided friction surfaces and zinc-coated magnet housing
  • Energy-saving controller thanks to bridge/half-wave rectifier
  • Easy to check air gap in the brake thanks to check bore holes in the housing
  • Optional accessories, also retrofittable: Inductive sensor for air gap and/or wear control. Lockable manual release
  • Electromagnetic clutches and brakes