The IP66 spring-applied brake for the high-performance segment with long maintenance cycles

With the BFK470, we offer you a sealed series as a modular system with an IP66 class of protection. This new series was developed for operating conditions which require a high protection class due to dust and/or humidity and water jets. The IP66 class of protection is also achieved with manual release.

Functional description

This brake is an electrically releasing spring-applied brake with a rotary brake disk that is outfitted with friction linings on both sides, the rotor. In a deenergised state, it is tensioned between the armature plate and a counter friction face by a braking normal force applied by compression springs. Thanks to the spring pressure, the braking torque is also generated in the event of a power failure or cable breakage. Hence, the spring-operated brake is used as a fail-safe brake. Hence, its function corresponds to the fail-safe principle. The braking force applied to the rotor is transmitted to the drive shaft via an axially toothed hub.

Application area / utilisation

The spring-applied brake can be used as a holding brake, a service brake, and for emergency stops from high speeds.

The brake series INTORQ BFK470 is a scalable modular system for universal use. In particular, areas with higher requirements in terms of protection class and braking torque tolerance are better catered to. With its 7 sizes ranging from 2 - 370 Nm, the spring-applied brake as a closed system is predestined for use in wind power and crane installations. The brake can also be used under extreme ambient temperatures. This series is used in the following application areas:

  • Brake motors
  • Wind energy systems
  • Car wash systems
  • Cranes
  • Hoists
  • Textile machines

Product features

  • Offered in 7 sizes (2 - 370 Nm)
  • Protection class corresponds to IP66, even with manual release
  • Mounting of a rotary transducer (optional)
  • Inductive proximity sensor for function monitoring
  • Increased maximum torques and durability thanks to further development of mechanical structure
  • Allows for corrosion protection class C4 or C5, torque from 0.12 to 125 Nm

Technical data

The BFK470 spring-applied brake is optionally also available with rotor and toothed intermediate ring made of plastic. This significantly extends the service life.

In addition to a standard lining, additional special friction linings are also available. This enables higher braking torques, stable static torques, a high friction energy, and an extended service life.