Holding brake for high-performance operation with standard power of 100 – 2,400 Nm

High-performance drives achieve increasingly higher motor speeds and drive torques. Hence, despite increasing power requirements, the installation space for spring-applied brakes is generally shrinking. The innovative multi-pole technology is the basis for this performance class.

Functional description

BFK468 spring-applied brakes are single-disk brakes with two friction surfaces. Via multiple compression springs, the braking torque is generated via a friction fit in a deenergised state. Releasing the brake takes place electromagnetically by reducing the holding current via an INTORQ forced voltage rectifier. During the braking procedure, the rotor, which is axially movable on the hub, is pressed onto the counter friction face by the compression springs via the armature plate. In a braked state, the air gap exists between the armature plate and the stator. To release the brake, the coil of the stator is excited with DC voltage.

The resulting magnetic force pulls the armature plate against the spring pressure onto the stator. This relieves the rotor of the spring pressure, allowing it to rotate freely. Subsequently, the DC voltage is reduced by half via the associated switching device.

Application area / utilisation

  • Brake motors
  • Cranes
  • Storage technology
  • Port facilities
  • Stage machinery

Product features

  • Powerful range with 4 sizes: Standard voltages 205/103 V, 360/180 V (release voltage/holding voltage). Torque from 100 to 2,400 Nm
  • Up to double the braking torque in comparison with BFK 458
  • Fixed or adjustable braking torque
  • Spring-applied brake with short switching times
  • Long maintenance intervals thanks to the large working air gap
  • Versatile: Modular design for almost all fields of use Connection compatible with the brake series BFK458
  • Torque transmission: Friction-fit during dry running. The characteristic torques are achieved after just a few actuations thanks to the special processing of the friction surfaces. Locating bearing not required on brake side
  • Durable: The insulation system according to temperature class F (+155 °C) ensures a long service life for the winding. The brakes are designed for a 100% operating time
  • Quick and easy installation: Ventilating path is preset
  • Low-maintenance: long, low-wear rotor/hub guide with tried-and-tested involute teeth Low-wear, asbestos-free friction linings as standard version.
  • Reliable: The quality assurance system certified according to ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 forms the basis for a consistently high quality of the products. Production and testing according to VDE 0580

Technical data

With the basic module E of the BFK 468 spring-applied brake, there is the option of reducing the braking torque via the torque adjustment ring.

This type of spring-applied brake has a connection compatible with the BFK458 brake series and has up to double the braking torque in comparison.