Spring-actuated brake that is compact and quick to install

Electromagnetically released spring-applied brakes generate braking torque as soon as the current is switched off. This spring-applied brake, also known as a spring-operated brake, is particularly well suited for use in standard applications with small motors. Furthermore, these brakes are used in wood working machines, in hoists, or in materials handling technology. The quick assembly of the brakes is made possible by the integrated fixing screws with non-adjustable air gap. This saves time and does not require any special expert knowledge.

Product features

  • Offered in 11 sizes
  • Torque from 0.12 to 125 Nm
  • Brake with temperature class F (+155°C)
  • Braking torque applied when power is shut off
  • Compact design with rotor and flange
  • Integral fastening screws for quick and easy installation
  • Fixed air gap
  • Noise-reduced double spring-applied brake <50 dB(A)
  • Also available in a cold climate version (up to -40°C)