Optimum ratio of installation space and torque, accompanied by low energy consumption

Torque transmission with an initial speed difference between the drive components is no problem for the electromagnetic pole-face friction clutch type 450 – auxiliary equipment can be connected and disconnected without any problems.


  • Highly robust clutch
  • High torque transmission in the tightest of installation spaces
  • (Versions up to 8,200 Nm possible)
  • Backlash-free thanks to integrated membrane spring
  • Rapid separation without residual torque
  • Dry and wet running
  • Wear- and maintenance-free

Functional description

When the coil is switched on, a magnetic flux is generated within the clutch which exerts an attractive force on the armature rings via four pole faces. This causes the armature plate to be pulled axially against the front face of the rotor and the torque to be transmitted in a frictionally engaged fashion. When the clutch is switched off, the magnetic field collapses and the armature plate is moved back to its starting position via membrane springs.

Power range

  • Transmissible torque between 500 Nm and 2,000 Nm by default, depending on the size
  • (Special versions up to 8,200 Nm possible)

Application area / utilisation

This pole-face friction clutch is particularly ideal for safely connecting and disconnecting e.g.

  • Textile machines and auxiliary equipment in agricultural machines and municipal vehicles
  • Compressor drives in cooling units
  • Laundry machines
  • Test benches
  • etc.