Safe zero residual torque release in any mounting position

Acceleration and deceleration of masses in motion within a very short time are no problem for the INTORQ 14.105 clutch and the INTORQ 14.115 brake. Both products are electromagnetically actuated and each is available in 7 sizes.


  • Installation in any mounting position
  • Clutches available in flange-mounted and shaft-mounted versions
  • Wide range of uses thanks to different designs of the stators and armature plates
  • Zero-backlash torque transmission
  • Fast, reproducible switching times and low motor moments of inertia for high switching frequencies

Functional description

To generate the torque and/or braking torque, a DC voltage is supplied to the coil of the stator to generate a magnetic field. The magnetic attraction effect causes the armature plate to be drawn against the force of the pretensioned spring, across the air gap and onto the friction surface of the braking magnet part/rotor. This applies the braking torque.

If the voltage supply is interrupted, the magnetic field collapses and the pretensioned annular spring pulls the armature plate back into its starting position.

Power range

  • Torque from 7.5 to 480 Nm

Application area

  • Packaging machines
  • Folding and printing machines
  • Gate drives
  • Mechanical engineering and apparatus construction