Tried-and-tested drive unit consisting of electromagnetic coupling and brake for all sectors

The INTORQ 14.800 is particularly suited for use in clocked production processes. It is robust and easy to maintain. The use of ready-for-installation units allows the time and costs associated with the design of new developments and the time required for installation to be significantly reduced.


  • Coupling and brake mounted in a single housing
  • Patented readjustment device
  • Fast acceleration and deceleration at constant motor speed
  • Modular system - allowing for a wide range of variations and mounting options

Functional description

The INTORQ 14.800 is an electromagnetically operated housing unit with asbestos-free friction linings. It is used to connect and/or separate shafts in all areas of mechanical engineering. The modular system used allows for a wide range of variations and mounting options.

Couplings and brakes of the type series 14.105/14.115 transmit the torque/braking torque in a frictionally engaged manner when a DC voltage is applied.

In addition to the toothed armature plate, which allows for high switching frequencies, the membrane armature plate ensures a backlash-free torque transmission. For this armature plate, a low residual torque remains present even in a deenergised state.

Because the drive with the coupling rotor runs continuously, the energy from the upstream drive can be used to accelerate the output.

Power range

  • Torque from 7.5 to 120 Nm

Application area / utilisation

  • Filling plants
  • Packaging and labelling machines
  • Mechanical engineering and apparatus construction