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We make your everyday working life easier.

We are your partner for the mechanical drive train. Beside On-site support and phone assistance by mechanical engineers we provide online services on our engineering platform.
Our aim: To make engineers and technicians everyday work life easier.

Your advantages:

  • Safes time and spares the nerves
  • Easy and intuitive
  • Available 24/7
  • Continuous further development

Overview of our online tools

Belt Calculation- Tool

With our calculation tool for PU timing belts you can quickly and easily check your existing belt or have a suitable belt recommended.


  • Check your existing PU-Belt application
  • Suggestions for suitable belts
  • Results Report & QR-Code for Documentation

Belt Calculation- Tool

Toothed belt pulley - Tool

Find the right CAD file or product data sheet for your standard pulley with a few clicks

  • Set filters
  • Choose pulley
  • Download

Toothed belt pulley - Tool

Clamping element- Tool

Use our clamping element tool to quickly find the right clamping sets and clamping bushings for your application. Frictionally engaged shaft-hub connection is so easy


  • Set filters
  • Choose clamping element
  • Download

Clamping element - Tool